Non-profit, public services, and ministries also benefit.  Let us help you elevate your brand, products, services, and value to your clients through promotional videos that stand out.

Serving Central Oregon.


Public Service

Use video to tailor an important message that requires impact across an entire city community.  Then adapt it for social media reach through Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

"Thank you! Great job on the video. It’s awesome. I have posted to Facebook and shared with several groups, as well as created a post on our website."

Julie Spor, Finance Manager, EA/POI, Sisters-Camp Sherman Fire District



commercial, retail, hospitality

We ensured that Scott had a platform to communicate his values and elevate his brand above others in the highly competitive construction & engineering business.  BANR is a repeat customer, and we highlight his latest project here.

"Captain Toby knows what I need without asking.  He is also highly collaborative and a true consultant/producer.  Great results!"

Scott Davis, CEO - BANR Enterprises



Need a platform to launch you personal message or artisitc brand?  You will find a creative partner at Weiss Productions to push the envelope to "next."


Interviews and documentary

Single and multi-camera with a casual approach to put your speaker at ease and deliver their best.  Teleprompter sessions to get your message precise and perfect.  High-end B roll and background music to support your message for impact.


"Tobias brings an enthusiastic and open-minded approach to his work.  He leads with a very comfortable interview style as well."

Eric Metzger - Community Wildfire Forester, Incident Commander

join those that trust us for results


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capabilities and competencies


  • orchestrated voice overs with interview support and teleprompter
  • industry leading editing software suite and video hosting services
  • huge library of music, video, and high quality images
  • motion graphics and audio timed with your video for impact
  • logo reveals with music and motion
  • project consulting for creative approaches
  • production planning and scheduling for larger projects
  • greenscreen, aerial, gimbal, handheld and tripod filming 
  • post production and reviews with remote feedback tools
  • dynamic charts & graphs for corporate presentations
  • 30+ years of corporate and creative experience



To make your video unique, each project requires you to capture well-framed footage that differentiates your message. A typical entry-level business video of 3 minutes comes to about $3000 – this is a typical price across the small video production industry. Many factors go into this cost, including video cameras, lenses, lighting, audio recording equipment, editing software, pre-production planning, video hosting, and the needed experience.


The cost increases accordingly as you increase the number of video capture days, the complexity of planning your message, and the number of people you interview. For example, a 15-minute micro-documentary with three speakers and unique footage captured with drone and cinema cameras can start at $10,000. Sometimes, you want to limit the budget and adjust the video investment accordingly. Yet, be careful not to sacrifice the end goal you are after when it counts most. What is most important is the result. It reflects your decisions and your business or organization’s reputation.




Toby Weiss

"As a team, we can get exactly what you want in your next video."


Weiss Productions LLC

Also providing UAS (drone) pilot services in Central Oregon, FAA Part 107 licensed. 



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